USA Today asked the right question when it comes to the big bucks and big taxes: what effect financially will playing in Texas have on those who are being paid to work today? As it turns out, plenty. And the skies are blue if you're going to play in the Lone Star State.

Regarding local tax obligations, Forbes magazine last year revealed some players - win or lose - had to fire over dinero to the state of California upwards of an extra $159k to satisfy income taxes.

That's downright un-American! It's not difficult to see why so many Californians are moving to Texas.

Yep, Texas knows how most of us feel about taxes. If you were a football player making your usual salary plus an additional 50 grand if you lost the game or 100 grand if you want, it will be nice if you could keep that whole amount.  Because they're playing in Houston, they'll get to keep every last penny (aside from their regular obligations of course.)

Of course, players have no choice as the NFL tells them where they are to play the Super Bowl.

Many years ago, Ed McMahon was a guest on a morning show I was on.  He had told the NFL commissioner Pete Roselle many years earlier that New Orleans should be the permanent home of the Super Bowl.  I daresay the case could be made states like Texas with no income tax would have a real advantage.

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