Everybody Poops. At least that's what the books says. Now you can poop while you watch everybody.

When I went to basic training, the toilets had no doors. You drop a deuce, everyone sees. That was a bit odd, but it was the Army. Odd is what you expect.

Everyone knows what an outdoor toilet looks like. Odds are you can smell them before you see them. If not the stench of waste, then the stench of disinfectant. Well Sulphur Springs now offers something unique. A bathroom with a view.

It might be somewhat entertaining to be dropping trou while you watch the world go on around you. You can play the poop game.

"Oh, you with the hat. I'm pooping on you."

"Redheaded girl with the ugly skirt, that fart was for you. You're welcome."

"Oh that comb over is so scary I just s**t myself. At least I can give you a mercy flush. What can you do for me to make your head less disgusting?"

You have to wonder if the "freaks" come out at night, or the daytime for that matter, and have sex in the bathroom while watching everyone around them. There might be a law against that.

On a happier note. Now parents can haul one kid in to the toilet while keeping an eye on the rest of the clan.

I would also think that this could help out those with a shy bladder. Now they can do their business in private, but looking likes it's in public.

Personally, I'd be afraid of "pranksters" setting up the toilet to go reverse. Once you have your pants around your ankles, they flip a switch and the mirrors on the inside while everyone outside can see in. Thanks for the new nightmare, Sulphur Springs.

Here's that toilet from the inside! #glasstoilet

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