I'm surprised I didn't see this in the stores during the Yuletide season, given that it's absolutely perfect for it and probably marketed as such. But better late than never.

I went to the Dollar General store Friday evening to replenish my supply of milk. Looking in the cooler, I saw this flavored version of Trumoo, manufactured by Dean Foods of Dallas.

I have often thought the brand is among the most well-executed strategies of the milk industry. Instead of marketing flavored milk as a kids thing exclusively, they've done so with a slight healthy angle: real goodness that your family, including your kids, will enjoy.  And since I'm a sucker for strawberry flavored milk, I've reached for Trumoo many times.

This time, I was certain they may have come up with a flavor formulation that might be a bit much for my palate.  Chocolate peppermint flavored milk!

And the verdict? It's absolutely wonderful!

It has just the right amount of chocolate, a little more than a hint of peppermint, it's not heavy, and it doesn't bloat.  A lot of times, after drinking milk, I'm left with a full feeling and a lactose aftertaste which requires water to alleviate. No such problem here, and that Is dangerous.  Conditions like these could encourage me to drink the whole carton.

Luckily for me, this is a limited edition flavored milk and the expiration date as seen on the carton is rapidly approaching. So get it while you can, though if I run into you I may fight you for it.

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