Megg's Caffee w
Megg's Caffee w

Breakfast has traditionally played a large role in what makes a weekend great, especially if you're from the dear old south land as we are. Back where I come from, which isn't far from Central Texas in distance, mind and spirit,  breakfast is almost a celebratory, triumphal meal - one that says we made it through the week and the weekend won't be with us long enough. We make this meal memorable as much as we make it filling and flavorful.

It was actually very surprising to me that there weren't as many signature breakfast places in Temple as I've seen elsewhere. A lot of places serve breakfast tacos, but that's more of a grab-and-go type meal .  I'm talking a place that specializes in substantial servings of sit-down food and fresh, piping hot coffee.  Maybe it's just Megg's Café has this angle so well covered that no one else in town wants to try a gourmet breakfast approach.  And make no mistake: Megg's has it going on in a big way.

Megg's had a vegetarian omelette on special when I visited this morning, but I was jonesing for pancakes before I walked in and that is what I had - whole wheat cakes with pecans added.  They took a little longer because the pancake wasn't done properly,  but it was well worth the wait for two reasons:  I'm not normally in a rush when eating at a sit-down restaurant, and I'd rather they do it right than serve me up something sub-standard.  They apologized and brought out my other items first, and those were cooked to perfection. Scrambled eggs with cheese were fresh. The potatoes were crispy, not greasy or too salty in the least.  The pork sausage was substantial and flavorful. Coffee was acceptable with cream and sugar ( I understand my palate may prefer a bolder coffee than most) and it hit the spot. I was delivered the whole wheat pecan pancakes with just the right texture, but there was an issue with the plate so I sent it back. The third time was the charm, so much so that I ended up taking them home in a to-go box. Service was attentive and friendly.

All in all, Megg's Café lived up to the hype. Too bad more chefs and restaurant owners don't see Megg's success as a challenge, because it's a market that's ripe for picking.

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