The usual goal of going to spring break and not getting knocked-up has changed. Now you try too not get knocked-out

Things got rowdy on South Padre Island this Spring Break. It seemed that one of the girls in the above video "twerked" on the other's boyfriend. Combine that with crowd peer pressure and possible booze and drugs. (Can't say for sure.) After all it's Spring Break. I'm surprised that they stopped their Bible study long enough to twerk in the first place.

Just a Big Q tip for all you "ladies" out there. If you feel the need to punch out a blonde girl on a beach, don't do it in front of people, as they all have phones with camera's on them. The simple fact is that this is assault, which is against the law and also very stupid when surrounded by witnesses. Is whatever this was about really worth jail time?

Also, if the person in front of you puts up their fists, you might want to do the same, just for the sake of safety.

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