Baylor University announced some changes for the spring semester.

Changes have been made in an effort to have students, teachers and staff quarantine before returning to campus.

KXXV, Channel 25 News is reporting the new start to the spring semester will be January 19. That gives everyone an extra week of Winter Break and a two-week period to quarantine following Christmas and New Years holidays.

Provost Nancy Brickhouse, Ph.D. says this extra time will also allow Baylor the option to test for COVID-19 on returning students, teachers and staff, much like the way they did before the fall semester.

Since the Winter Break was extended, Baylor also announced the cancellation of Spring Break. The April 2, Good Friday, holiday will still be observed.

For now, the spring semester will end on April 28 with study days and exams taking plave April 29 - May 5. May 6 - May 8 are scheduled for Spring Commencement.

The video below gives you an idea of what Baylor has done to keep students, faculty, and visitors safe during the current semester.

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