In case you or your loved ones are planning to soak up the sun in Galveston, make sure to check the waters before jumping in.

Houston mother Amanda Reyna posted a video of two fishermen reeling in, measuring and eventually releasing a shark on the lively and busy coast of Galveston during Spring Break. The shark was measured at around 6-feet and four inches.
"It's very concerning, yes ma'am. We didn't get in the water this trip because we didn't bring bathing suits down. I think next time we might be a little more careful," mother Amy Mouton, of Cypress told ABC 13.

The fisherman let the animal go after measuring it, prompting loud cheers from onlookers.

While sharks are relatively common on the coast, the beach patrol confirmed shark bites are very rare in Galveston. One tip Chief Peter Davis gives out is to keep your feet shuffling. It puts out a vibration that most creatures will get out of the way of, including baby sharks, stingrays and catfish.

SHARK! Check out this #abc13eyewitness viewer video of a shark seen on Galveston's shore yesterday. #abc13See full catch-and-release video:

Posted by ABC 13 Houston on Thursday, March 17, 2016

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