It's spring break week for a lot of students here in Central Texas, and the Killeen Police Department has announced they'll be increasing patrols to make sure people are being sensible on our roads.


It's spring break week, and that means kids in grade school and college will be looking for things to do. In a news release, the Killeen Police Department announced they'll be using grant funds from TxDOT's Selective Traffic Enforcement Program to put more officers and resources out there to keep folks safe.

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It makes sense. The weather is expected to be pleasant all this week, with lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures in the lower to mid 70's. People will be getting out more, and that includes plenty of young drivers looking for parties and places to celebrate a week of freedom.

KPD is reminding drivers to be aware of speed limits while also abiding by all other safety measures like wearing a seatbelt and being courteous to other drivers. Another rule to follow would be slowing down and moving over when you see an officer making a traffic stop.

Plus, if you plan on consuming an adult beverage, you should arrange for a designated driver. Increased patrols means more police officers are on the road looking for drunk or impaired drivers. It's never a good idea to drink and drive anyway, so make sure you have a plan to get home safely, whether that's a designated driver, an Uber home, or staying where you are 'til you sleep it off or sober up.

The best spring breaks are the ones where nobody gets arrested for doing something they should know better than to do.


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