File this one under, "I cannot believe we are having this conversation."

Will someone explain to me how in any universe the idea of allowing prison inmates to access social media whenever they want is a good idea? I cannot imagine any place, virtual or otherwise, where convicts should be kept away more than social media. Yeah, let's just let them hang out with women and children,  posting whatever pictures they choose. Insane!

And yet, here come the bleeding hearts of PBS.  It's not fair they say. Are you kidding? These people are convicts. They're scary guys in there for scary reasons.

When I was in college radio, we would get attempts at a collect call several times a week. The scary guys with the scary eyes at the nearby penitentiary wanted to make sure their request for the heavy metal show were heard.  We never accepted the charges, so they had to shout their request during that brief time they had at the front end of the call.

If it were up to me, every prison would contain nothing but books and radio on the inside. Not for punishment's sake, but because TV is such a vast wasteland and we're actually protecting these guys from it!

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