It happens among the most zealous, a visceral reaction to a particular government official and their policies.  It started with Clinton Derangement Syndrome  that extends into Bush and Obama and now to Donald Trump.

Now a teacher finds yourself suspended for firing a water gun at a projected image of the new president. She's been placed on administrative leave for firing the water pistol and yelling "DIE!" In her classroom.

What the hell?  Who does this? Oh, wait, an art teacher?  Now I understand. I don't condone it but I wouldn't be surprised every bit of extertal stimuli on the planet. Especially a guy from TV whom nobody thought would win.  Yeah she needs counseling.   I see anger management in her future.

Asked for the comments of outraged parents online, what the hell did you expect?

The school district is being very hush-hush on the incident. Since it's now a personnel matter, that's only to be expected.

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