In what must be one of the most polarizing moves a new president could possibly make, on Friday president Donald Trump side of Executive Order affectively blocking refugees from certain Middle Eastern countries over concerns of terrorism.

There have been conservative voices denouncing this move. First and foremost is one of the most conservative elected officials in our nations history, the equally polarizing Vice President Dick Cheney who recently showed his Texas pride of the inauguration by wearing a cowboy hat.  Cheney spoke out against the ban way back on December 15. He is joined in his disdain by the Koch brothers, noted financiers in conservative and libertarian circles. They've been largely on the sidelines in this election cycle and initial period of the new administration, but the last couple of days have energized the Koch family who now say they will get involved .  Honestly, I can't think of figures more demonized by the left and painted as the bogeyman more than Cheney and the Koch family,  but as the old saying goes politics makes strange bedfellows.

In a statement the Koch organization could not have been any clearer: “We believe it is possible to keep Americans safe without excluding people who wish to come here to contribute and pursue a better life for their families. The travel ban is the wrong approach and will likely be counterproductive.”

As it did last weekend, Austin was once again side of protests against Trump and his policies.  This weekend, protesters took to the airport.

OK I have got to point something out. Even the protests of Austinitems are weird. What's with all the repeated words as if they were in some chapel? Of course, these folks worship at the congregation of liberalism so there's a reason why all of their protests sound like a prayer meeting, and a lame one at that. Personally, I think these sorts of protests make people uneasy or at least roll their eyes in disdain.  If only they had somebody who knew how to do it right, like a preacher from the inner-city...

Jesse Jackson can pull it off, and the message was definitely on point when this film was made. Forty years later, a bunch of overprivileged suburban kids doing call and response is kinda weak. "I brought my two kids here today..."  why would you repeat that? You know what it sounds like? This old bit..

Sorry, I had to. We will see what Monday brings.

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