When something is so good that one has to share, I'm glad I have a blog to share those great deals. Last year, one of our sales people tipped me off to the great deals one can get at Target by using the Cartwheel app on my iPhone. It's a free download for iOS and Android alike. However, today's deal can be had by anyone, not just those with a smart phone.

I had to pinch myself a little bit when I walked into the Temple Target location and saw the best potato chips from my neck of the woods back in Louisiana.  Although purchased by the Utz potato chip company from Pennsylvania about six years ago – you may remember that northeastern brand featuring prominently In a several-episode arc during the second season of AMC's Mad Men -  Zapp's potato chips from Gramercy, Louisiana, which is halfway between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, continues to be run by its founder family.

The thing people like about Zapp"s is that, unlike potato chips that try to make it crispier and thinner, Zapp's goes for thicker and crunchier. Sadly, the barbecue flavor was not present when looking about in the selection today at Target. Good old fashioned Cajun Crawtators was, and it's like a crawfish boil on a chip.

If you're trying to make healthier choices, Zapp's has a sweet potato power chip that's just great. Best of all, the bag is the exact same price as regular chips. I don't know how much longer Target's gonna have the special in effect, and I saw a lot of folks ogling the display.  There are not many sweet potato chips on the market, and even fewer which taste good. These do - you can take my word. So shake some action to grab 'em, and tell 'em K1017 sent ya!

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