Am I supposed to feel guilty about having homemade chips and salsa for brunch on a Sunday morning? Because I so do NOT!

Fuzzy's Tacos was on and popping this Sunday morning. This was my second time enjoying the Mexican (Texican?) breakfast there and it rocked.

I had eaten at a Fuzzy's in my home town about eight years ago and it was underwhelming. The dangers of franchising food is placing the care of the original recipes into the hands of third parties, especially those in a whole other state. There was none of that in evidence at the store at 110 West Adams Avenue in Temple. The taste were totally legit, right down to the seeds in the salsa verde.

its hard for me to go into a Mexican restaurant and not start the festivities by munching on tortilla chips and salsa. This brunch was no exception. The chips were warm and the red sauce was tangy without being overly hot and peppery.  I normally like salsa on the hot side with one exception and that's at breakfast. This salsa was just right, to paraphrase Goldilocks.

Photo by Darren Gauthier
Photo by Darren Gauthier

For the main course I selected chilaquiles with fajita beef.  Tasty tasty stuff. The  eggs and the sliced tortilla strips provided the right balance. The refried beans were usual,  which is to say they were fine if nothing unexpected. Same for the potatoes.  I washed it down with a big old glass of iced tea and was quite happy when I was all said and done.

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