Oh how I long for the days of scrolling through Facebook and catching up with friends and family and occasionally liking that funny cat video. Maybe we can get back to that.

No doubt politics is playing a huge role in our daily lives. Even if you don't pay attention to national news and events, politics will find it's way into your life. Got Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? All three plus some? Then you've had to notice all the political division in our country. It's hard to miss actually.

I use to relax at home while scrolling through my Facebook or Twitter feed and catch up with friends and family and catch a few news headlines here and there but now, it's all negative... every last bit of it. I hardly see anything from my friends that's not got hard issues around it. Be it political or other.

It's gotten so bad that I've been thinking about just deleting Facebook and Twitter all together. To many times I log on just to be disgusted at how much hate is generated with every word both political parties, and the mainstream media, spew at us.

Although it'll probably never completely go away, it does look like some relief is in sight as both Facebook and Instagram are rolling out a new online tool that should be able to help people block political ads from showing up on their feeds.

The introduction to a new section called the 'voting information center' should be available in the next few weeks. Users can block political ads and also see who is behind them and find out how much political advertisers are spending on these ads.

That may help with the overload of politics on Facebook and Instagram but it will have zero effect on the negative back and forth from all my friends and family with different political views.

So are you on the verge of deleting Facebook? Check this out, It’s estimated that the average casual user (58 minutes per day on Facebook) who has been active on the site for 10 years has wasted upwards of 140 entire days of their life scrolling and liking and commenting on pictures and posts. Yep, 140 days wasted on just Facebook alone.

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