Friendships come and go, but one that I hope never fades is that of Michelle Obama and George W. Bush.

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day, and a new story about former President George W. Bush popped up from The Hill. The article covered a recent interview with Bush about his paintings on the subject of immigration, but it also included questions about his friendship with former First Lady Michelle Obama.

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Now, Michelle Obama has a self-titled podcast of her own, but I am really hoping that a podcast with Michelle and George is created soon! The former president loves to crack jokes, and says that Michelle enjoys his sense of humor. We only see glimpses of their friendship in the news, but I am dying to know what their full conversations are like. Their friendship is truly an inspiration and exemplifies what it means to live freely in America.

If you weren't aware, Michelle and George are partners in crime, and according to Michelle "forever seatmates" due to protocol. That means, at any official function, that they will always be seated next to one another. The friendship has made headlines time and time again, and both George and Michelle have commented on why they believe their friendship is so fascinating to others.

Personally, I absolutely adore their friendship because I believe it is 100% genuine. Despite having opposing views in politics, the two are able to express respect and sincerity with one another. Their friendship demonstrates that despite their stark differences in race, parties, age, and upbringing that we don't have to let those differences divide us.

Seeing Michelle and George's friendship is so heartwarming, and I seriously hope someone gets them to partner up for something more!  I can only imagine the hilarious banter that would ensue in an environment free from official function obligations.

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