Last night CSPAN cameras caught Ted Cruz closing his eyes and looking as if he were falling asleep during President Biden's address to congress, but Ted Cruz is implying that Biden was being intentionally boring.
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  Steve Guest, a communications advisor for Cruz shared the following statement from Ted Cruz on Twitter: "For the millions of Americans who found something better to do tonight than listen to Joe Biden outline his socialist vision for our country, I can summarize his speech in three words for you: boring, but radical."

No worries though because Ted Cruz also has his own Twitter, and tweeted the following statement along with an interview with Fox:

"Joe Biden is deliberately being boring, but the substance of what he is saying is radical. #BoringButRadical"

It's actually quite humorous that Cruz states in the Fox interview:

"He (Biden) provided zero solution to the crisis at the border that he caused, he pretended it didn't exist."

Now, why is this funny? Simply because Biden was discussing his plans for immigration reform and urging congress to look at a bill that he's sent for review at the exact time cameras caught Ted snoozing.

So Ted, if you missed the part about immigration you can't be upset because frankly, it's your own fault that you fell asleep.

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