Is this good news or bad? However you feel about it, we Texans are a proud bunch, so anytime we finish at the top of a list we celebrate. So here's to you, my fellow Texans.

A new poll from BroBible tells me all I need to know about how us Texans are spending our time in quarantine. Apparently we're all drunk. And why not? Not much else to do while we wait out COVID-19. Our shelter in place order has us all working in our underwear while we stay at home and binge watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and whatever other streaming services we can find on the TV. So with not much else to do, we drink, and Texans know how to drink. To see that we finished at the top of this list is really no surprise. Keep up the good work, and CHEERS!

A new study analyzed people's tweets to figure out which states have been drinking the most during this period of staying at home.  Here are the top 10.

1.  Texas.

2.  California.

3.  New Mexico.

4.  Hawaii.

5.  Arizona.

6.  Nevada.

7.  Louisiana.

8.  Mississippi.

9.  Idaho.

10. Georgia.

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