When it comes to entertaining yourself while in isolation, the nerds are now the heroes of the world. Here’s a handy guide to Extreme Indoor Activities to keep you amused during your lockdown period. Thanks to WIRED

  • Indoor Boomerangs – You just need two sheets of card stock, a glue stick & scissors!
  • Paper Airplanes – John Collins is the paper airplane Jedi Master.
  • Puzzles – Whether they’re jigsaw, word, or a Rubik’s Cube, they’ll keep your brain working.
  • Juggling – It’s not the worldliest skill, but you’ll be damn proud of yourself when you get it down.
  • Hula Hoops – It’s also a good workout for your core and keeps you moving.
  • Create Something – Whether it’s a piece of furniture, some artwork, or just a home repair that you’ve been putting off, you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something…and there’s a wealth of tutorials on YouTube to inspire you.
  • Whistling – Yeah, it can be annoying, but Sean Lomax became a champion because he had the time to kill.
  • Learn Something – Maybe it’s a language or a musical instrument, now’s the time to get started and make yourself more well-rounded.
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