"What can I get for free?" I hear that question more than most people do. In radio, when we are at live events, that is usually the way people say "hi". It's all good though, 'cause usually I have something to give.

Lately, with the "shelter in place" order, a lot of businesses are feeling the effects of people staying home. However, there are places that are deemed essential, including restaurants that are doing curbside delivery and fast food places with online ordering and drive thrus.

Wendy's is one of those places, and right now you can get a free Frosty with every drive thru order. Their drive-thrus are still open, and they’re still offering delivery services through DoorDash, Grubhub and Postmates.

So even though life’s been sour for a lot of us, at least we can look forward to a little sweet treat from our local Central Texas Wendy’s.

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