Yes, COVID-19 is a serious virus and it's changing the way we do things on a daily basis. The way we shop, work and play have all had to be adjusted in order to "Social Distance" ourselves from others. I get it, it's for the best.

One of my favorite things that's come from all of this is that Hollywood is now delivering new movies to our homes, while their still new and top of mind. Admit it: you see a movie trailer and think, "Yea, I want to see that", but ultimately you never do because life happens and the things you want to see now end up on the hold list until you've forgotten all about seeing it in the first place. Happens to me all the time.

But now I can see these movies right away cause Hollywood still wants my money bad enough to offer these new movies via streaming. I'm happy to pay the $19.99 it costs cause even that's cheaper than going to the theaters. It's a win-win for me!

Here are some new movies you can stream right now, at home if you want.. Let me know which ones you watch!

Amazon Prime is the main hub for these early releases, but Hulu and Disney Plus have some as well. Even YouTube lets you rent and stream digital movies. There are plenty of options.

Birds of Prey with Margot Robbie

Matthew McConaughey’s The Gentlemen

The Invisible Man 

Bloodshot with Vin Diesel

The Way Back with Ben Affleck

The Hunt

Sonic the Hedgehog


Just Mercy


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