Yes, it does go beyond bending over and kissing you ass good-bye.

Cultura Science/Jason Persoff Stormdoctor, Getty Images
Cultura Science/Jason Persoff Stormdoctor, Getty Images

We've got a chance for some severe weather Wednesday night into Thursday morning. There is also a chance for a tornado or two.

Are you prepared for such weather? You need to make a plan. Get the kids ready for action. If you're near a shelter, be sure to make sure the family knows where to go.

If you live in a home, find that center room and hunker down.

If you live in a trailer, get out! Ask anyone who lives in tornado ally, trailer parks are landing zones for twisters.

Here are three basic rules for a tornado...

  • Go to the basement or take shelter in a small interior ground floor room such as a bathroom, closet or hallway.
  • If you have no basement, protect yourself by taking shelter under a heavy table or desk.
  • In all cases, stay away from windows, outside walls and doors.

The one that we have a chance for tonight will possibly be rain wrapped, meaning the twister will be inside a rain storm and you won't see it coming.

It also happens to be a nightmare scenario. Nighttime twister wrapped in rain. Might as well sleep in the closet tonight.

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