Saturday is normally a Tornado Warning Siren test day. So what happens when we get a tornado on a test day.

Via Kelsey Scott/KWTX
Via Kelsey Scott/KWTX

Was a little homesick Saturday as storms erupted around the area. I used to love chasing storms on the weekend. Getting a little too old for it now, but the storms keep coming.

KWTX is reporting that emergency first responders were kept busy Saturday as storms from former hurricane Sergio created havoc.

Tornadoes were reported to touchdown East of Hillsboro. The storms also flooded several roads in Hillsboro around 1 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

Then, just after 2 p.m. another warning was issued for a thunderstorm that formed over Waco, and moved across McLennan, Limestone, and Freestone counties.

Sirens sounded off in Waco as viewers submitted photos and videos that showed dark clouds, but the National Weather Service had no official reports of twister touchdowns.

The storms also were strong enough to cancel Movie Night on Ft. Hood.

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