In Texas, given our size and the number of things happening here, we are used to making news and being featured in stories reported by the national news media. We are also a state which prides itself on being smiley and polite, "Friendly - The Texas Way" as our road signs say.

That's why the tragic story of two teenage girls in Victoria is so striking. It flies in the face of everything being happy and positive in our state. Yet there it was earlier this week on Inside Edition, a show which can veer into the sensational at times. They reported the details: after jumping off the top of a seven-story parking garage, two girls - one 14 and one only 12 years of age - plummeted to their deaths together in what appears to be a dual suicide.

Details are few and given the heinous nature of the incident, its best the families of the two girls not face the full force of intrusive media coverage. Right now, they're no doubt wondering what could have caused the two girls to leap to their deaths. How much despair was in their lives to do something like this.

It bears repeating that  if you or someone you love is currently contemplating hurting themselves, there are people who can help. Call 800-888-4036 to reach Central Counties Services 24/7. They're online at and are there to help.

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