Imagine the one person you are supposed to be able to trust above all others trying to take the life you made together. That's what happened to a Houston, Texas woman, and the story is hard to believe.

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Not only is it a horrific crime, but it's also something that has never happened before in this part of the state. Mason Herring, a Houston attorney and the founder and managing partner of the Herring Law Firm, is the first and only person in Harris County to face a charge of forcing induction to have an abortion.

Charges Against Mason Herring

KTRK is reporting that a Harris County grand jury has indicted Herring on two felony counts, including assault of a pregnant person. He is accused of slipping a medicine used for abortions into water he gave to his wife, in an effort to end her pregnancy. Prosecutors allege he put a drug containing Misoprostol, a drug used to induce abortions, into the water he gave his wife on more than one occasion. According to court records, he was originally arrested earlier this year in May, and released on $30,000 bond.

The couple had separated earlier this year, and were attending counseling when she told him about the pregnancy, according to court documents. His wife said Herring repeatedly told her via text that he was not happy about the pregnancy.

The only good part of this story is that although the baby was born prematurely, the child was healthy and well at birth, according to prosecutors.

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