Local business in Texas is always important. While new businesses are always welcome to the Lone Star State, local items are what makes the state of Texas, well, the state of Texas. So when someone outside of the state comes to take over any business, it is a bit unnerving.

Recently, a Waco distillery has new owners, from a place that many wouldn't have expected.

Balcones In Waco

According to their official website, Balcones was first established in 2008. Since then, the distillery has grown. According to our news partners at KWTX and the company, they grew 13.3% in the years 2016-2021. That growth obviously put eyes on the business.

With many in Waco overjoyed with the distillery's success, another company has decided to bring in Balcones to their ranks.

Diageo's Acquisition Of Balcones

The announcement came this week, as Diageo has made Balcones part of their business. Both were very excited in comments released to the media. But others are wary of another business handling Balcones.

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Diageo is based in London, and some are worried that Balcones will lose some of its Texas Luster due to the new ownership. Two residents in Waco, Mike Schwaab And Amy Hunt told KWTX:

“I think as long as it stays with Balcones, the people that built this thing, they’re super rad people, So I’d like for them to do well and stay around. They’ve created a really cool vibe in Waco, so hopefully it stays local."

So we leave the question to you, are you excited or nervous with the acquisition of Balcones? Let us know by sending us a message on our FREE station app! 

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