UPDATE 11/16:

It seems that Arby's had heard the calls for the wall to rebuilt. KCEN reports that following their story, Arby's the next day spoke with Parkey with plans to fix the wall.

The video with the update is here:

Here's the original story:

One thing they never seem to mention about the growth in Temple, Texas is how it affects others in the area. Yes, with so much area to cover, there's bound to be a place where a building is in a place that doesn't feel like it should be there.

For one woman in Temple, this exact scenario transpired in her own backyard.

Arby's Built In The Backyard

KCEN has the story regarding one woman's frustration with the restaurant. An Arby's was built near the backyard of Gabrielle Parkey. While hesitant at first of the idea, the city of Temple promised that a wall would be built to separate her backyard and the establishment itself.

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That wall didn't come to fruition until efforts from Parkey, which according to KCEN, got the city involved. The city then fined Arby's every day for not having the promised wall, when then led the corporation to begin construction on the barrier between Parkey's home and the eatery.

However, questions began to be raised by residents near the wall, with the main one being in regards to its stability.

Severe Weather In Temple And The Wall

That stability question was recently answered after weather in the area knocked over the wall, and crashed into Parkey's fence.

Parkey told the news station that now, nobody from Arby's is responding to her questions about a potential fix of her fence and the wall that separates business from home.

At the time of writing, KCEN's attempt to reach anyone from the corporation also hasn't resulted in answers. As this is a developing story, more information will be reported when it becomes available. However, there is still one way to see the wall in question.

The Wall Before It Fell

Using Google Street View, I was able to find 2 still images of the wall before it fell over due to the severe weather.

The first one is from April 2021:

Google Street View
Google Street View

And here is the wall in July of 2022:


To be completely honest from my perspective, something about the wall doesn't feel right in these still images. In my opinion, the wall seems to be leaning towards the home of Parkey. Maybe It's just the lighting and angle, but does it look a little weird to anyone else?

What's your opinion? Let us know by sending us a message on our free station app by using the chat feature.

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