When you think of Texas, the first thing that comes to your mind is we Texans love giving outsiders great barbecue, knowledge of the Dallas Cowboys, delicious Whataburger, and last but not least, Southern hospitality. In short, we're polite like mama raised us to be.

At least, we like to think we are, but a recent study found that one of America's rudest cities is right here in the Lone Star State.

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I’ve never really thought of any state in the South as being rude. Sure, maybe a little cocky, but we’re never outright rude to people's faces.

According to online tutoring service Preply, one Texas town is actually among the 14 rudest in the U.S. I was really surprised to find this out, because I feel like every Southerner grew up saying please, thank you, and of course no ma’am/yes ma’am. In my household, if you didn’t show respect or if you weren't kind to one another, you would get popped right on that backside.


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Even thought I was surprised a Texas city made the list of top 14 rudest, I wasn't that surprised to find out which one it is.

Maybe you guessed it by now, but yes - Houston made the list of rudest cities in America right along with places you'd expect like Los Angeles and New York.

If it makes you feel better, Houston came in 10th and was the only Texas city on the list.


So, which city came in as the #1 rudest?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Maybe they only surveyed the characters from It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia.


Anyway,  I lived in Houston for six years of my life and loved every minute of it. I felt like everyone in Houston was always so very nice to one another, but you know what they say: "people lie, numbers don't"!

Houston may have a bad reputation, but hopefully it's a reminder that we can all be more mindful of being nice to one another and making sure that we take people's feelings and experiences into consideration.

I don't know about you, Texas, but I don’t want any Texas city on this list next year. Texas should be known for its hospitality and amazing culture, so let's change the narrative!

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