Every person deserves to feel safe wherever they go. Unfortunately, there are people that look to disrupt that peaceful feeling. With that thought in mind, one woman in Texas took to TikTok to share a story that should be a warning to those around them.

The Incident

juliamarielittle on TikTok described her experience via a video posted to the platform:

Julia describes while walking a supermarket, she ran into a unknown person multiple times. The person was not walking around with a cart or basket, not that she could see the person's face, only the person's back. The individual also did not have any items with them.

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As time went on, Julia began to realize someone was following her in the store. Julia began to pay attention to everything around her to make sure she was safe.

After Checking Out, Things Get More Horrifying

Julia notes in the video that night was beginning to fall. After purchasing her items, she went outside to take her items and proceed home. While walking to her vehicle, she spotted a gold sedan. While walking towards her car, that is in the same row of the gold sedan, the car stops.

To avoid the car, Julia walks to another row of cars, and the gold car proceeds to begin moving again. The car is heading towards Julia, and she runs back to the market. She gets somebody's attention to say she fears she is being followed, and the car flees to another part of the parking lot.

Julia was able to alert law enforcement, and share her story.

This is undeniably terrifying, and hopefully something will be done to combat this from ever happening again.

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