Crime is an unfortunate part of life. Sadly, Bell County, Texas has seen its share of nefarious activity as well. We've recently talked about some of Texas' most wanted being captured (and more taking their place on the list), but there are certain individuals who have committed crimes here in our neck of the woods who remain at large.

However, there is a way for the population of Bell County to help police and law enforcement.

Bell County is currently looking for 11 individuals wanted for different offenses. At the time of writing, this list is for August 2022. If you have seen or have any information about these fugitives, you are encouraged to call the Bell County Sheriff's Office at 254-933-5400, local law enforcement, or phone Crime Stoppers at 1-800-729-TIPS. You can also submit tips on

Bell County Crime Stoppers also works with the Killeen Police Department. The Crime Stoppers are composed of volunteers and a board of directors, who assist the Killeen Police Department, community, and the media to arrest criminals.

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According to the Bell County Crime Stoppers website:

"Bell County Crime Stoppers has been recognized by the State of Texas and Crime Stoppers International as one of the most productive programs for its population in the world. We have won many awards for most cases cleared, highest dollar amount of narcotics and/or stolen property recovered, and biggest annual increase."

Info has been provided by both Bell County and Bell County Crime Stoppers.

Have You Seen Any Of Bell County's Most Wanted Criminals?

Bell County needs help in finding these individuals who are on the run from law enforcement.

If you see any of these wanted people, do not approach or attempt to apprehend. You are encouraged to report any sightings of these individuals as soon as possible.

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If you have seen any of these criminals, alert Texas Authorities at 1-800-252-TIPS (8477).

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