A billboard recently spotted in San Francisco, California has raised many questions about who put it up and why it is urging people not to move to Texas. While the Texas-California rivalry is nothing new, a lot of people are upset about the use of an unspeakable tragedy to get a point across.

California Billboard Cites Uvalde Tragedy

This is the billboard in question:

ABC13 Houston, YouTube
ABC13 Houston, YouTube

The billboard shows an unknown man with sunglasses and a hoodie. Two people can also be seen in the reflection on the sunglasses, who also, at the time of writing, remain unidentified.

ABC13 Houston, YouTube
ABC13 Houston, YouTube

Also currently unidentified is the person who commissioned the billboard.

According to both KSAT and ABC13, both news outlets have reached out to the company who owns the billboard to see if they could find out who bought it.

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ABC13 also shared a story in which residents in California shared their thoughts on the billboard, with many finding it distasteful but others thinking it's fine.

As shown in the video, reception has been mixed, with some approving of it, and others thinking that it is too much to invoke the Uvalde tragedy.

What Is The Texas Miracle?

One part of the billboard some are confused about is the mentioning of the "Texas Miracle." ABC13 elaborated on this, saying that Texas handled the 2008 recession much better than other states. Texas was even able to create more jobs at a time when most states were struggling.

This brought about the term known as the Texas Miracle.

Why Is This Billboard Appearing Now?

The reason for the billboard appearing in San Francisco, and reportedly Los Angeles, is a mystery as well. ABC13 reported that another news station saw the image on the same day Uvalde's school police chief was fired amid criticism of his handling of the tragedy.

This is a developing story, and we will have more information when it becomes available.

What Do You Think Of The Billboard?

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