What weird thing you buy if you won the Powerball Lottery? Since it's worth $550 million, it really could be anything.

Powerball Jackpot Expected To Reach A Whopping Record-Breaking 1.5 Billion
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I'm leaning toward get a band back together. Either Pink Floyd or Styx.

If it's Pink Floyd then I'd pay for a "Wall" concert. And yes, I would try to find a way for Mexico to pay for it.

If it's Styx, then I'd make them play the Roboto LP for 3 hours as a sort of torture. Oh, don't worry, I'd supply plenty of cocaine for the lads to get through it. What do I care. I'm rich.

I'd even adopt a few kids and pay their way into an elite college and not get upset when they'd skip school to broadcast on the Facebook.

When the take home is $335 million, you can do almost anything. I might even run for President. Free healthcare for everyone. I'd invade Mexico. Take over the damn place once and for all. No reason to jump the border when you're already in the country right? I'd just take over the drug business from the cartells to pay for everything. I'd make the national language Mandarin. That way both countries would have to learn a new language. If I get kicked out of office, who cares! I'd be rich. And lets be honest, I'd have a nice piece of property in Mexico somewhere by the time I be impeached.

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