Don’t you just love hearing about people who won the lottery?  You feel so happy for them, and wish them the best of luck in all their endeavors. 

Now, now we can’t be jealous or we will never win.  It is easier when a stranger wins though isn’t it, rather than your neighbor down the street who you never ever talked to but you wish you had cause now they have money and they might give you some if they only knew you!     Okay enough about that, here is a “stranger wins” story for ya.


Calvin and Zatera Spencer of Portsmouth, Virginia won the lottery THREE TIMES in TWO WEEKS.


They won $1 million back on March 12th when they matched five numbers in the Powerball .





Then on the 26th,  they won $50,000 in a Pick 4 drawing. They used the numbers 6-6-6-6.  Since that’s a popular combination, the Virginia Lottery paid out a total of $6 million to winners for that drawing.   Calvin had 10 tickets with 6-6-6-6.   The top prize in Pick 4 is $5,000, which means he won a total of $50,000.


The next day, yes the next day,  Calvin decided to strike while the iron was hot.   Shortly after dropping his wife off for an appointment, Calvin bought a Virginia Scratch Off, the $100 Million Cash Extravaganza, for $20.  He won the $1 million prize. and took the cash payout of $681,000 before taxes


“Baby, we did it again!” he told his wife after the win.

“We’re not finished yet,” Calvin told us, as they claimed their latest prizes.


Damn You Calvin!  No, I mean Congratulations Calvin and Zatera, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple!



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