I have yet to win any large sum of money from the Texas Lotto, but it's looking pretty nice right about now.

According to a report from CBS Austin, a resident in Manor recently won 1 million dollars from the scratch ticket game Million Dollar Loteria. The winner has decided to remain anonymous, and honestly who can blame them? I've tried my luck at the scratch off loteria before with no return, so it's crazy to see someone so close win so big! Of course, I've also played loteria games with friends and family, and lost out there too, so maybe that is just not my game.

Fox San Antonio announced another winner, who also comes from the Austin area, and they also won 1 million dollars from the scratch ticket game Instant Millionaire. The winner is a resident of Schertz, and they have decided to remain anonymous.

With all this winning, I'm thinking about trying out my luck! Have you ever won the lottery from a scratch off? What is the most that you have won?

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