Sorry dad, but getting your kids McDonald's won't make up for the fact you took them to the restaurant while knocking back some brewskis.

No, I'm not making this up. The Temple Daily Telegram reports that Jose Luis Torrez, 30, went through the drive thru with three kids in the backseat and a beer in his hand. When police confronted Torrez, he reportedly tried to stash the beer in the backseat, then refused to cooperate and kept trying to walk away from officers.

He was later booked into the Bell County Jail on a charge of resisting arrest.

Kudos to the folks at McDonald's for picked up very quickly that something was not right.  This is a company that has a history of caring for children,  with initiatives like the Ronald McDonald house and other charities. They have proven it yet again.

I think I'm going to stop over there just to show how much they deserve our business. OK, so I was going over there anyway, but now I've got a real reason. That and those new Big Macs.  Seriously, read the story, then make it a point to go and say thank you for making Temple a better place.

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