The grocery store chain founded by Howard Butt, Sr. all those years ago is the best friend and neighbor any Texan ever had,  especially if you love to eat.

I was definitely one of those kids who loved to eat. As such my shape showed it. It still does.  Back in the day, that was a little bit of a problem.  I don't get bullied now.  I long ago figured out how to take care of myself.  Yet we all know some people don't know how to.  

Just last week, there was news of a 20-year-old killing himself, after which his supervisor was charged with involuntary manslaughter because he berated the guy.  Honestly, having had some terrible bosses when I worked in retail as a teenager and young adult, I hope they throw the book at him.

Leave it to H-E-B to be more proactive in this area. They've launched a program called "Be a buddy not a Bully"  which the Copperas Cove Leader Press chronicled last week.

Activities included children making artwork before the program, then being asked to crumple it up and try to smooth it out. They were then asked to squeeze toothpaste out of a tube, then try to put it back in. Both activities were intended to show that what you say matters, because once things are out there, they're out there forever.

An ongoing part of the program will award students demonstrating HEB Buddy League behavior with the HEB Buddy League Student Advocate Award, a $50 savings bond, and $100 worth of school supplies for their class.

I join with the supermarket in urging greater kindness. It can't hurt.


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