Bullying is something that we all at one point have experienced at our lives. It's not a fun experience to go through. All of us can remember a point in our lives that we remember not because it was a fun memory, but because we were bullied for reasons unknown.

As time goes on and technology usage grows, there are unfortunately new ways for individuals to harass others and sometimes face no consequences. While the thought seems upsetting, there are people who alert other of trends that harm others.

A new bullying trend has begun to grow in Texas, and in Central Texas, officials are attempting to take steps to prevent any incidents.

The Trend In Question

KWTX describes the trend as involving students sending threats to each other on their phones via Airdrop. The feature involves sending something from one iPhone to another. In an interview with Abhijit Nag, Texas A&M-Central Texas Computer Information Systems Assistant Professor, Airdrop works when iPhones are connected to wi-fi and Bluetooth is active.

A person can choose to accept an Airdrop from another phone, which could lead to potential threat being sent to them. Abhijit encourages anyone that receives an unknown Airdrop to simply decline it.

Copperas Cove ISD Response

KWTX received a comment from Copperas Cove ISD stating that this trend hasn't reached their school district. They are however, trying to prevent the trend from reaching their school. The school district has sent a warning to parents via a letter to alert them to prevent any potential bullying trends.

As always, remember to be nice to each other. You never know what someone is going through.

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