As anyone who listens to my weekday show knows, I am a bit of an early riser. I try to keep that same schedule up during the weekend even if I take power naps during the day because I also like to go out and have fun on days when I don't work.

Sunday morning, I was up early.  Unlike my usual grab-n-go modus operandi during weekdays, I am able Sundays to have a real breakfast early in the day.  There aren't that many restaurants open before 6 AM, but those that are you couldn't guarantee there's not that many people inside, especially when it looks like the sky is going to open up and the rains are going to wash us away.  I made my way to the IHOP and had a delicious breakfast featuring harvest grain and nut pancakes. (I'm going to have to go back and do a full review. They were tasty!)

AnyWho, after my meal I made my way back home as the downpour was beginning. I knew the weather was bad, and I'd had a couple of flash flood bulletins on my phone.  Imagine my shock, however, when I started hearing the alert sirens in the distance.  My first thought was, "Oh Em Gee" a tornado. Yet if that were happening my phone will probably be going off the hook.  Then I thought, maybe the standards for sounding the sirens had been changed and reduced.  I quickly made my way into my home out of the garage and into a room with no windows. After about sixty seconds I felt stupid at my excessive caution, and went to find a place where I could chill.

A little while later this message arrived in my email inbox from the authorities in Temple:

"Temple’s Outdoor Warning Sirens were inadvertently activated this morning around 6:30. The National Weather Service did not issue a Tornado Warning for Temple or Bell County."

Thank goodness.  The release went on to say:

"Using multiple sources of information, we work hard to keep our community informed. It’s something we take seriously. A mistake was made and we regret any undue worry or stress caused by this morning’s activation."

Hey, everybody makes mistakes. Better for the sirens to of gone off and it would be a false alarm then for them to not go off in case of an emergency. Zeal on the part of our authorities in the interest of keeping us safe is no vice at all.

I hope your Sunday was as uneventful as mine. Have a happy and productive week!

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