The job our cops do is sometimes a dirty one, sometimes dangerous, and most of the time deadly serious. Often times, police officers must put on a brave face.  It's understandable if sometimes it seems like they don't have a sense of humor or much time for frivolity.

Don't you believe it!

The police department in Aransas Pass, Texas has unveiled a new series of collectible cards based on the ever-popular Pokemon. The interesting thing is, they've taken an epithet hurled at police in anger and turned it around. Presenting Pig-e-mon!

It's part of the department's community outreach program. They replace characters like Pikachu with faces and facts of local police officers. As the TV commercials say, collect them all!

I greatly appreciate the job the police do for us. I'll support any rhetorical upper-hand the police can get over their false detractors and their angry, empty insults, especially with such good-natured self-deprication.

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