This is why children should be seen and not heard.

Kids in Louisiana are asking Blue Bell to change the name of "The Great Divide". It seems they think the name reminds them of racial division. They suggest that the named be changed to "Better Together".

Insane. Ridiculous. Crazy. Ice cream is not people. In reality, the Blue Bell people should consider not making the flavor at all. Common sense tells you that Vanilla and Chocolate should not be put together in the same container. The only time chocolate tastes good with vanilla is when the chocolate is filled with peanut butter.

Of course, you can't do that in this country anymore, because someone will think the chocolate and vanilla are people and not ice cream flavors. Wait. Isn't this what started this article in the first place? It is. See, point proven. Ice cream should be based on taste, and not race. Unless  you count the race you have with your friends to race home and get to the Ice Cream first.

Blue Bell will probably change the name to "Better Together", because it's a small thing to do, and will get them great "Liberal" points with the media. Then "normal" people can sue them for false advertising since Vanilla and Chocolate does not taste better together, unless they add peanut butter.

What do you think? Should the kids get their way? Should Blue Bell cave and change the name?


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