Blue Bell is debuting a new limited edition flavor, and it's based on another definitive Texas treat: sheet cake!

I always love the warm weather and long nights because whenever the summer season hits, we get blessed with some new amazing ice cream flavors from Blue Bell. Sometimes they get really creative, and sometimes they just take something we know and love and find a way to turn it into the best ice cream of the season.

That's definitely what happened here.

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Blue Bell Creamery is rolling out a new limited edition flavor called 'Chocolate Sheet Cake.' The new flavor is a chocolate based ice cream with chopped pecans, chocolate icing swirling, and real chocolate sheet cake pieces.

Sheet cake's always been a fun, easy, go-to dessert for Texas families, so it makes total sense that Blue Bell could go this route. It'll be interesting to see how they translated the treat into an ice cream flavor. You know they excel at this, so I can't wait to try it.

For just a limited time, this new flavor will be available in half gallon and pints.

To check out more details on this new product and other flavors, head over to Blue Bell's official page. The Cookies 'N' Cream Cone and Southern Blackberry Cobbler flavors are still out there too, so now's a good time stock up and fill the freezer.

If you try the new Chocolate Sheet Cake flavor before we do, definitely hit us up on Facebook or Insta to let us know how it was!

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