Sometimes called "Corn Dog Grass", Cattails can be a lot of fun for kids.

So this video about Cattails made it to my feed on Facebook and brought back some memories from the 70s.

I grew up in a town call Surrey, North Dakota. Yes, it was a pure stereotype. One stop light. One paved road. It also had what we called a Slough. It was a low point for water run-off. When it wasn't flooded, it was growing Cattails. It's where the high schoolers would hold their keggers on the weekend, and it was where younger kids would hold their epic mystic battles.  We would rip down a cattail on it's vine and swing away at another kid.

You see how they explode when twisted? Imagine what they look like when you strike another person in the face with one. Magic.

Of course, we learned that they have to be ripe for the right effect. You hit someone before then, it hurts like hell!

Ah. Children-on-children violence. Good times.

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