Kids being kids can sometime cause injuries.

Sometimes doing something stupid in your youth can have a lasting effect on your life. This could be one of those times.

Fox4News reports that  90-year-old Army veteran Raymond Mikeska was recently hit in the chest from a piece of asphalt that was tossed off an overpass.

Mikeska was riding in a car on I-30 in Fort Worth when a piece of asphalt came through the windshield and struck him in the chest.

His daughter, who was driving, pulled over right away. She said she looked back and saw kids showing no remorse. "They just walked off just as nonchalantly.They didn't run. They weren't afraid. It did not bother them."

The kids were lucky it didn't hit him in the head. Imagine living the rest of your life knowing you killed someone because you did a quick, stupid thing.

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