Local teen rewarded for helping out a neighbor.

KWTX is reporting that there's still hope for American youth.

The Waco Fire Department treated Damian Richardson, 17, to lunch for being a hero to the community.

Ten days ago, Damian woke up his 69-year-old neighbor and escorted the man out of his home after noticing that flames had spread to it from a nearby shed.

When Damien's mom woke him from a nap and told him a fire broke out in their neighbor's shed.

The teen went outside and noticed other neighbors gathering. Some of the others had knocked on the neighbor's door, but there was no answer. The teen went to the side door, knocked, then went in the home and woke his neighbor up.

Waco Fire Chief Bobby Tatum said Monday, "A lot of times people just watch, or they wait on someone else. But he really took action to go out and save his neighbor. And that's what it's all about."


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