Yup, according to this status from what appears to be the actual Harris County Sheriff's Office on Facebook, it appears someone has been passing around flyers laced with poison and leaving them on police cars.

According to the update, someone laced these flyers with "opioid fentanyl". The posts also report one officer is in the hospital for having come in contact with the flyer. The page reports a hazmat team deployed to a Houston address at 601 Lockwood Road.

The page asks for Houston residents to spread the word not to touch the flyers if they spot them.

Of course, in the comments below the original post, an argument breaks out about fake news, or what actually is a legal dose of fentanyl, or how it is or is not possible to absorb a lethal dose of opioid fentanyl through your skin. OMG!

If anyone knows someone who works at the Harris County Sheriff's Office we would love to hear more about this. You can contact our inbox at any time. Stranger still, did you read the literature on the flyer itself?

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