After 21 years another killer of James Byrd Jr is scheduled to be executed Wednesday.

I was living in North Dakota when the news media went absolutely insane with the story of a black man being dragged to death behind a pickup truck in Jasper, Texas.
The man was James Byrd Jr and he was just looking for a ride. Instead he was beaten, humiliated, then murdered by three white supremacists. Sean Allen Barry, Lawrence Russell Brewer, and John William King. They were charged and convicted of Mr. Byrd's murder.

James Byrd's' son Ross lobbied against the death penalty, but Brewer was sentence to death, and was executed in 2011.

Sean Allen Barry was given a life sentence.

And Wednesday, April 24th of 2019, John William King will also be killed by lethal injection for his roll in the horrific murder of James Byrd Jr.

Too this day I can still remember thinking that this was insane. Why would you sacrifice your own life to kill someone you claim to hate. If you hate someone so bad, then just don't see them. Avoid them like the plague.


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