Yea, a state where pot is legal would have this challenge.

I'm uber fat, but I don't eat a lot. I just don't exercise, and I eat at the worst times of the day. That being said, I might give this event a try.

Beau Jo's offers a challenge for you and a friend to eat a 14 pound pizza in one hour. Winners get two t-shirts and a $100 dollars each.

It starts with a huge crust, and pepperoni base.

At that point they pre-cook the crust and the layer of sauce, pepperoni, and cheese. Then the fun begins.

It comes out of the oven and they add, sauteed mushrooms, red onions, green peppers, ground beef, italian sausage, and more cheese.

If you're lactose challenged, this will blow out your ass "O" ring no doubt.

Add another layer of pepperoni, then back in the oven. It's then weighed to make sure it's over 14 pounds. Then the crust is slathered with butter, just because. If pot ever becomes legal in Texas, I can easily see this challenge coming down here.

If I pass on the pizza, their cherry pizza looks damn tasty as well.


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