How do you let the kids in the classroom know they did a great job last week? You give them a pizza party! It's an effective lunch celebration that's equally delicious as it is cost effective. The same goes for presidential campaigns. Pizza is considered one of the go-to lunches provided by staff for any business or organization.

Who reins as the supreme pizza overlord among our current presidential candidates? Is it the man with the biggest waistline Chris Christie, Texas' own Ted Cruz, or maybe Bernie Sanders - since pizza is often considered the common man's food?

Well, you can finally get some sleep tonight because Gawker's "pie chart" of how much each presidential campaign spent on pizza is a study they conducted - probably something they made their interns work on.

At the very, very bottom of the list is Carly Fiorina who didn't shell out a nickel for pizza since April of 2015.

Donald Trump's expenditures on pizza were certainly more modest than expected ($1,233.64), especially being from New York. I guess he just treats his staff to steaks, I guess.

Chris Christie also didn't share the pie as much as everyone would have thought, spending $1,527.24 - almost all of it in December, 2015.

Ted Cruz kicks it up a notch (landing top 5 in pizza spent on campaigns), spending $2,481.45 on pizza and is clearly on the hunt for the right pizza joint, having tried 15 different pizzerias since April. How many times did I just say pizza?

Ben Carson ranks No. 2 for most money spent on pizza with $3,707.33. Every month he stays in the campaign, he and his staff eat more pizza.

And the supreme overlord of pizza is Hillary Clinton who demolishes the competition with a whopping $9,046.38. She also spent $645 on hot dogs between April and June of last year.

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