Have you ever wanted to watch a blurry movie with muffled sound while your smartphone gets a healthy coating of hot pizza grease? Rejoice! The future is here!

Well, not here in the United States. You'll have to go to Hong Kong if you want to try out this imaginative, yet highly impractical marketing stunt from the island's Ogilvy Hong Kong advertising firm.

Here's how it works: the pizza protector in the middle of the pie acts as a lens. You pop out a perforated circle in the front of the box, then slide the lens in and use the legs to hold up your phone. The lens then projects an image of your smartphone's screen onto a nearby surface. You even have a choice of three movies that you can download as part of your order: Slice Night for the blood and guts crowd, Anchovy Armageddon for sci-fi fans, Hot & Ready for the lovebirds, and Fully Loaded for those craving some action.

The picture is blurry and there's no built-in sound system, but this thing is still ridiculously cool. It seems unlikely we'll get these in the U.S., but here's keeping our greasy fingers crossed! Now where did we put that phone warranty?

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