It's shaping up to be a Battle Royale among chicken finger chains: Louisiana's Raising Cane's versus Georgia-based Zaxby's. The battleground is the land of Texas,and the palates of chicken finger lovers across the Lone Star State.

These two chains, while slightly different in both menu and concept, are both seeking the same type of consumer with a very similar, if often identical, product. Both are betting on Texas as the next step in their companies' expansions.

It was reported in the local media that Zaxby's has decided on a location in Killeen after breaking ground on a location yards away from Raising Cane's in Temple.

I've been to both, and while I think Cane's has the edge in quality of fingers, Zaxby's has a much more varied menu, including "zalads" and wings. Zaxby's also has more sauce options. I think there's room for both.

Of course, the wing king in Temple has been Mike Dent and Wings Pizza and Things on the Loop. He'll have more competition not only from Zaxby', but also a planned Buffalo Wild Wings in Temple.

May the best bird win!

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