Yesterday marked the 90th anniversary of the tragic death of 10 Baylor basketball players.

KXAN reported that the bridge that arcs over the crash sight of the "Immortal Ten" was dedicated to those students and will now be called the Immortal Bridge.

On January 22, 1927, the Baylor basketball team was headed to Austin to take on the University of Texas. As the bus crossed a railroad crossing in Round Rock on a rainy day, a train hit the bus, killing 6 players instantly. Four more passed away later that day. The victims are remembered as the "Immortal Ten".

KWTX reported that Baylor staff, alumni, and students were on hand at the dedication in Round Rock. Ryan Richardson, Associate Chaplain of Baylor University, led the invocation.

T accident prompted state legislators to develop safer standards for railroad crossings. The Mays Street Bridge was the first overpass to be constructed over a Texas railway.

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